Month: November 2021

Educate and Inspire a Strategic Mindset
From the Manager's Desk
November 30, 2021 by

Serving the niche Life Safety industry has been a remarkably rewarding experience over the past 30 years. American PERMALIGHT® has always been at the forefront of this specialty market and continues to empower positive industry-wide change throughout North America. Read more by clicking this article.

Find your Fire Extinguisher Easily with PERMALIGHT®
General Safety
November 23, 2021 by

Make sure you know where your fire extinguishers are this holiday season – with PERMALIGHT®.

Customizable PERMALIGHT® Aluminum Framed Exit Signs
Code-Compliant Safety
November 17, 2021 by

Our PERMALIGHT® Aluminum Framed Exit Signs are completely aluminum from the frame to its customizable panels (comes with two arrow panels to create a custom directional exit sign, not shown). These framed signs are available in green, red, or black.

American PERMALIGHT® White Safety Foam Guards
General Safety
November 15, 2021 by

With the holidays coming up, there are bound to be accidental bumps into furniture. Our white Safety Foam Guards create padding and protection from bumps into hard furniture edges and walls while blending in with light furniture and walls. Learn more within this post.

The History of Photoluminescence
November 10, 2021 by

The phenomena of photoluminescence (or “glow-in-the-dark”) have been documented since the early 17th century and have since evolved into a source of reliable lighting and egress path markings in the modern-day Life Safety industry as well as other uses you’ve seen in day-to-day life. Learn more about the history of photoluminescence here.

PERMALIGHT® Multi-Use Photoluminescent Polyester Tape for Wall-Mounted Perimeter Demarcation
Code-Compliant Safety
November 8, 2021 by

For photoluminescent egress path marking projects, we recommend wall-mounted perimeter demarcations over floor-mounted when it’s a viable solution. Why? Learn more in this article.

PERMALIGHT® Project Spotlight | Federal Buildings
November 4, 2021 by

The PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking System is installed in buildings all across the United States of America, including some key federal buildings. Learn more about these special projects and requirements here.

American PERMALIGHT® 2D & 3D Small White Protective Corners
General Safety
November 1, 2021 by

Protect people and walls from injury and damage with our protective corners. Made from dense polyurethane foam, our small white protective corners come in a flat 2D and 3D style and have a self-adhesive lining.