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From the General Manager’s Desk: Welcome 2020!

From the General Manager's Desk: Welcome 2020!

The start of a new year allows me to take a look back at the past twelve months … and what an exciting time that was. 

Throughout 2019, American PERMALIGHT® Inc. added new team members, listed new products on our online shop, grew our social media presence, started our company blog, added takeoff services, collaborated with new brands, strengthened existing partnerships, and much more. 

On behalf of our entire organization, I would like to personally thank you for allowing our team of professionals to serve you as well as give our durable products the opportunity to be utilized in your projects. We love knowing that our commitment to our customers, our products, and the life safety industry help protect the lives of others. 

PERMALIGHT® – derived from permanent lighting in the dark – our photoluminescent egress path markings were our bestsellers in 2019. You now find our metal stair nosing, handrail and obstacle markings, floor and wall perimeter demarcation lines and signage in hundreds and hundreds of high-rise building emergency staircases nationwide, keeping thousands of building occupants safer.

Our PERMALIGHT® markings come to good use when all lights are out and building occupants have to access the frequently unfamiliar emergency staircases to get down and out to safety. PERMALIGHT® markings illuminate the path, highlight each step along the way and provide a comforting illumination instead of scary darkness when the power fails.

A big thank you to our Certified Installer Partners that have undergone our training and gained reliable experience to install our markings for long-lasting performance in full building code-compliance. Our PERMALIGHT® service team provides code feedback, installation training, and support, plus takeoff services.

PERMALIGHT® Safety Foam Guards were originally designed for industrial environments where workers may bump their heads on racks or shelves. In addition to the bestselling color combination “black/yellow”, we now offer all-white, all-black, even reflective. As a result, we see the wall and corner guards used in museums, daycare centers, homes, schools, parking environments, and endless other applications, keeping people from all walks of life safe.

In alliance with our motto Guide & Protect, we have added Mighty Line® Floor Tapes to our product offering and additional safety products will be added in 2020. This enables our customers to choose from a wide variety of safety products in one convenient location 

Looking ahead, we will continue to positively influence the Life Safety industry by offering innovative products and services, by establishing more strategic partnerships with other strong manufacturers and by actively participating in the Codes and Standards writing processes. We will continue to help keep people safe. Wishing all of you a healthy and successful year 2020.