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Protect What’s Important to you with Safety Foam Guards

Protect what's important to you with Safety Foam Guards | From the General Manager's Desk | March 2020

While American PERMALIGHT® is known for our photoluminescent safety products that act as permanent lighting in the dark (fun fact: permanent lighting is where the name “PERMALIGHT®” is derived from), our safety foam guards (also sometimes called safety padding, foam guards, safety bumpers, foam bumpers, and other names) have quickly become a popular product line with our customers. We have expanded from our initial range to include more shapes and colors to provide you with a multitude of safety options to fit your needs. 

The Problem

Accidents and injuries happen due to rushing, clumsiness, coincidences, emergencies, lack of attention, and more. Are you, your business, and/or your home prepared to protect the people and assets that are at these locations?

Our Solution

Reduce the chance of injury to your family, friends, coworkers, employees, and customers alike. Install our PERMALIGHT® Safety Foam Guards on your machinery, equipment, countertops, HVAC systems, filing cabinets and more to provide firm, cushioned protection against accidents.

The PERMALIGHT® Safety Foam Guard Advantage

  • Provide a cushioning effect against impact
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Made of 100% recyclable polyurethane
  • Easy-to-Install: follow our simple guide for the best installation practices
  • Multiple mounting options: self-adhesive, slide-on non-adhesive, magnetic, and steel support.
  • Color variety: we carry high-contrast, visually alerting colored safety foam guards as well as neutral, discrete colored foam guards.

Rely on Our Supporting Documentation to Make Your Installation a Breeze

Why Choose American PERMALIGHT®

  • Leading reputation in the Life Safety industry for over 31 years
  • Easy ordering options – order online or email us your purchase order
  • Reliable customer service
  • Quick order fulfillment, with multiple shipping options that best fit your needs

Have questions about which PERMALIGHT® Safety Foam Guards will work best for your project? Contact us here and one of our helpful customer service representatives can help guide you to the products that will best fit your project.

Click here to view and order our full selection of PERMALIGHT® Safety Foam Guards online today.

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