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The COVID-19 Global Pandemic

From the General Manager’S Desk - The COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Our business is to Guide and Protect people throughout their everyday lives, so they are safe in all types of environments. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are all living in a very different world that has created new challenges.

Company Update 

We are an “Essential Business” and fully operational, processing orders each day. 

Most of our team members currently work from home. Since we supply code-required photoluminescent egress path markings into the construction of hospitals and care centers, as well as signage and outlining into the transportation business, a core team makes sure these urgently needed shipments can ship out each day.  

We are doing everything within our control to keep our employees, customers, strategic partners, guests, etc. as safe as possible during these extremely unusual times.

Here are a few things we are doing:

  • Practicing Social Distancing
  • Committing to organizational transitions
  • Thoroughly cleaning our office regularly
  • Operating under the guidelines from the U.S. Federal Government, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of California and our local government

Utilize Our Tips to Be Effective While Working from Home (WFH)

  1. Establish a prework routine
  2. Dedicate a place to work
  3. Drink water
  4. Take breaks
  5. Create a plan for the day, week and month
  6. Install safety products in your home office

How We Are Helping During These Difficult Times

Let us help you navigate through this global pandemic by educating you on critical life safety products that keep your employees, customers and their customers safe as they transition to working from home.

Our PERMALIGHT® Safety Foam Guards are a durable safety padding that can be utilized in a wide variety of applications in homes, garages, home offices, businesses, warehouses, vehicles, manufacturing, and more. These recyclable polyurethane foam guards are easy to install, available in several color options, and protect people from potential accidents and objects from damage.   

View our full assortment of PERMALIGHT® Safety Foam Guards here

PERMALIGHT® Polyester Photoluminescent Tape

Our PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Polyester Tapes are a versatile safety marking that glows brightly in pitch dark areas creating a visible path during emergency darkness situations as well as creative uses to mark light switch plates, shelves, power cords, nightstands, staircases, prescription bottles, eyeglass cases, and more. 

Browse all of our PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Polyester Tapes here 

On behalf of our team at American PERMALIGHT®, I hope you remain safe, healthy, positive, and strong during these unprecedented times. 

Marina Batzke
General Manager, American PERMALIGHT®. Inc.