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Anti-Skid Floor Dots for Safety on Smooth Floors

PERMALIGHT® Anti-Skid Floor Dots

Prevent skids on smooth floors with our Anti-Skid Floor Dots 🟢 🟢

These Anti-Skid Floor Dots are made of tough polycarbonate and have a textured anti-skid/anti-slip surface. Deep green background with a light-yellow/glow-in-the-dark directional chevron in the center.

Installs easily on smooth, slip-prone indoor floors (such as cement and tile); simply prepare the floor surface and attach self-adhesive dots to clean, dust-free surface. Prevent slips from rainy and snowy weather being tracked indoors.

Each Anti-Skid Floor Dot measures 4″ in diameter and comes in a pack of 10 to create areas of safety – order additional packs to cover a larger area of smooth floors.

PERMALIGHT® Anti-Skid Floor Dots

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