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Make sure your Fire Extinguishers are Marked & Visible

Make sure your Fire Extinguishers are Marked & Visible with PERMALIGHT

Our 4″x20″ rigid Fire Extinguisher sign provides bold signage for quickly locating the fire extinguishers in your facility. A red sign with a white/glow-in-the-dark downward arrow pointing directly toward the fire extinguisher below, with “FIRE EXTINGUISHER” boldly written in red. 

This sign has a high-contrast design that’s eye-catching and visible during the day and when there’s lighting on in the building. After proper activation throughout the day by ambient or direct lighting, the glow-in-the-dark features of this Fire Extinguisher sign jump into action during the night, in darkness, or during an emergency when there is limited lighting.

Each sign is made on a rigid material that can be installed on surfaces by your choice of double-stick tape, with construction adhesive, or by simply drilling the sign into a surface with screws and a power drill. The flexibility to install this sign is up to you, and the mounting attachment of your choosing can be easily obtained from a local hardware store (mounting accessories are not included).

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Flexible, Peel-and-Stick Fire Extinguisher Sign also available

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