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Safety Foam Guards in the Size You Need

Safety Foam Guards in the Size You Need

Our Safety Foam Guards are well known and often used to create long lengths of safety in warehouses, backyards, garages, and industrial areas. Did you know our standard Safety Foam Guards can be cut to custom sizes to suit smaller projects as needed?

Shown in the main image is a safety enhancement for a table leg being scuffed by a chair. This segment of a self-adhesive Type D Safety Foam Guard was used to prevent further damage to the furniture.

All of our self-adhesive and non-adhesive Safety Foam Guards can easily be cut to size with one of our Slat Cutter scissors, Compact Tabletop Cutting Machine, or with a sharp blade or serrated cutting implement.

Check out our Safety Foam Guards that can be custom cut as well as our associated accessories for a safe and custom foam guard protection installation.

Safety Foam Guard Cutting Accessories

Safety Foam Guards that can be Custom Cut

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