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Align with a Life Safety Leader

Align with a Life Safety Leader | Online Marketing Opportunities with American PERMALIGHT®

Get your business noticed with our Online Marketing Opportunities – part of our American PERMALIGHT® Professional Offerings & Services.

Have you wanted to partner with American PERMALIGHT® – a leader in the Life Safety industry, while also promoting your own business? You can now accomplish this through our Online Marketing Opportunities. We offer placements on our own social media channels, websites, and even our blog to further promote your own company.

Grow your reach and get noticed in the Life Safety industry by purchasing one or more of our online marketing spots that align with your marketing goals. 

We offer marketing placements in the following areas: our three websites, our select social media channels, and our blog. Learn more about these marketing placement options by reading on.

Online Marketing Opportunity | Website Placement Options

American PERMALIGHT® has three websites (,, and Choose between a sticky top bar placement or a homepage pop-up that all visitors to our website will see. Other options will become available in the future.

Online Marketing Opportunity | Social Media Placement Options

American PERMALIGHT® can co-market with your business across some of the biggest social media channels currently available. From Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, to Meta (formerly Facebook). We create a custom social media post that links back to your associated social media account. 

Online Marketing Opportunity | Blog Placement

Our industry-relevant blog is constantly refreshed with new content (such as this very post) and is one of the most high-traffic sections of our website. Due to the flexibility of creating a blog post, there is more room for creativity and adding relevant links.

All of our Online Marketing Opportunity content is developed by our in-house marketing and design department and in conjunction with details provided by you.

Read more and contact us about Online Marketing Opportunities to promote your own business in the Life Safety industry by clicking here.

We look forward to partnering with you and creating a mutually beneficial marketing experience to grow your business.

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