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American PERMALIGHT® Preferred Pricing Program

American PERMALIGHT® Preferred Pricing Program

Are you a distributor, reseller or wholesaler?
Do you have a high-volume item need that exceeds a typical order size? 

If you meet any of the above scenarios, you probably qualify for the American PERMALIGHT® Preferred Pricing Program. Our Preferred Pricing allows us to give certain companies, contractors, and trade professionals a discounted price on most of our products.

Qualifying for Preferred Pricing

To see if you qualify, contact us with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Address
  • Pertinent certificate/permit/license information if applicable. If you’re a reseller, email us your Reseller Certificate or Seller’s Permit.
  • Products you’re interested in buying, and a general quantity (or simply let us know if you’d like help with a consultation so we can suggest products for your project)
  • How you heard about American PERMALIGHT®

Preferred Pricing Verification

Once our team can verify that you or your company qualifies for the American PERMALIGHT® Preferred Pricing Program, your orders with us moving forward will reflect your new discounted price.

Placing a Preferred Pricing Order

After our team has pre-qualified you for the Preferred Pricing Program, you will be able to place your orders by email to our order desk.

Preferred Pricing orders currently cannot be processed in our online shop. We will be adding this functionality in the future.

Restrictions to Preferred Pricing

Certain products do not qualify for the Preferred Pricing discount as follows:

  • Accessories (this includes adhesives, primers, tools, mounting hardware, and more)
  • Sale items

Preferred Pricing also cannot be combined with other discounts.


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