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Building Safety Month 2022

Building Safety Month 2022

It’s Building Safety Month, brought to us by the International Code Council, developers of life-saving building codes such as the International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC). This month-long safety campaign is a reminder that building codes are constantly being updated to accommodate modern advances, and helps individuals learn what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures.

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For the average citizen, building safety isn’t something on their mind on a daily basis. The safeguards put into place for safety in the event of an emergency as well as the ongoing maintenance required to make a building comfortable, clean, and appealing go largely unnoticed. Generally, things are noticed when something has gone wrong, usually a catastrophic event such as a building fire that has claimed numerous lives.

Building codes exist not only to protect buildings, such as homes, offices, schools, factories, and restaurants, but to also increase safety for the people who visit, work, and reside in them. Building codes are enforced by code officials to ensure buildings are up to code and safe for occupation.

Each year, Building Safety Month is broken down into four weekly safety themes, giving you a full week to focus on implementing that theme. In 2022, the safety themes for Building Safety Month are as follows:

Week 1: Energy & Innovation

Building Safety Month 2022 - Week 1 - Energy & Innovation

Energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions affect communities, homeowners and renters, and business owners. Energy efficiency in buildings can help save on utilities which not only help keep costs down but also shrink our impact on the environment.

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Week 2: Building Safety Careers

Building Safety Month 2022 - Week 2 - Building Safety Careers

There are a multitude of career paths available in the building industry – from inspectors, code enforcement, fire marshals, and more. These professionals all work together harmoniously to improve, enforce, and ensure all buildings, from commercial to residential, are efficient and as safe as possible for the public.

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Week 3: Disaster Preparedness

Building Safety Month 2022 - Week 3 - Disaster Preparedness

Disasters happen in every region, from earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, snowstorms, or wildfires. While natural disasters can’t be prevented, they can be prepared for. There are four phases of emergency management:

  • Phase 1: Disaster Mitigation
  • Phase 2: Disaster Preparedness
  • Phase 3: Disaster Response
  • Phase 4: Recover from a Disaster

Learn more about disaster preparedness by clicking here.

Week 4: Water Safety

Building Safety Month 2022 - Week 4 - Water Safety

Clean water is a precious commodity that millions of people in the world do not have easy access to. Part of safety for buildings is guarding potable water (water safe for consumption) through proper construction, conservation, and safe disposal. Code officials protect our domestic water supply.

Learn more about creating a safe and abundant water supply by clicking here.

Use Building Safety Month 2022 to be proactive about making safety and efficiency improvements in the buildings you encounter on a daily basis, such as your home and place of work. The improvements and maintenance you put in during this time may save you on your energy bills, prevent an avoidable injury, or even save lives in a future event.

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