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Comprehensive Material Takeoffs for your Project Bids

Comprehensive Material Takeoffs for your Project Bids

One of the various specialty skills at American PERMALIGHT® is our fee-based Comprehensive Material Takeoff service – perfect for photoluminescent installers who are too busy or unsure of how to do a material takeoff correctly for an exit path marking job bid. Learn more about what this service is and how it can help you move forward in your job bids and project work.

high-rise skycraper building
Photoluminescent egress path marking installations in high-rise buildings like this require precise calculations for project bids

If you’re familiar with photoluminescent installation job bidding, then you know how much time goes into reviewing the endlessly detailed architectural high-rise building drawings with their intricate detail. First you must locate the necessary pages, so you browse through hundreds to even thousands of pages of architectural drawings. Once the suited drawings are located, precise measurements need to be calculated to ensure an accurate bid for each type of material used to install the code-compliant photoluminescent markings.

How many linear feet of handrails and perimeter demarcation lines? How many steps per flight? What is the step width? Is there a vestibule on each floor? Which count of signs? What about obstacles and protrusions? Questions upon questions that we can help answer!

Avoid this headache by purchasing the American PERMALIGHT® Comprehensive Material Takeoff Service for your next job bid!

When you use American PERMALIGHT® to complete your Comprehensive Material Takeoff for your Photoluminescent egress path marking project bid, we can quickly, efficiently, and precisely help move the bidding process along for you.

Some benefits of using our paid Comprehensive Material Takeoff Services include:

  • Free up time for your Estimators to focus on their predominant tasks
  • Trust the Code-knowledge of the American PERMALIGHT® Subject Matter Experts
  • Bid Building Code Compliant Egress Path Markings suited for the particular conditions of each unique project
  • Avoid accidental over-bidding based on guesstimated material needs
  • Gain a better chance at winning the job by quoting substantiated numbers (not rough estimated quantities)
  • Let our Subject Matter Experts consult you on which photoluminescent marking to use for which application
  • Become a consultant to the General Contractor by recommending the best suited marking for the particular conditions of their project
PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking System

Make sure your next photoluminescent egress path marking project bid goes smoothly with the American PERMALIGHT® Comprehensive Material Takeoff service.

Contact us today and get more information about our Comprehensive Material Takeoff service, costs, and money-saving opportunities if you have a large-volume need for Comprehensive Material Takeoffs.

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Photoluminescent egress path marking is also known as photoluminescent exit path marking, and low location lighting.

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