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Let the Running Man Guide you to Safety

Let the Running Man Guide you to Safety

The Running Man pictogram symbol was designed in 1979 by Japanese designer Yukio Ota. It was officially adopted by the International Organization of Standardization (also known as “ISO”) in 1985.

In the realm of egress path marking, the running man is shown either running to the left or right and often combined with an arrow that strongly reiterates the direction of safety.

At American PERMALIGHT® we manufacture the running man symbol signs which can be customized by combining with one of our matching directional arrows, as well as combined signs that have all the symbols in one sign.

Our signs are produced in Germany and on durable aluminum with a strong, foamy adhesive backing. As with all PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking products, the symbols on our signs are UL1994-listed photoluminescent and designed to guide and protect occupants to safety during an emergency.

Combine a Running Man with a Directional Arrow today for your next building code compliant luminous egress path marking project!

Have a photoluminescent building code exit path marking project being installed in New York City? We have combined Running Man/Arrow Signs that are compliant with New York City Local Law 26 and New York City Local Law 141 available as well:

Find Running Man signs and other photoluminescent egress/exit path marking products and other safety products by shopping with us online at American PERMALIGHT®.

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