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Social Distancing Product: Anti-Skid Floor Dots with Glow-in-the-Dark Arrow

American PERMALIGHT® Business Safety Solutions

Create a safe social distance for your employees and customers within your essential public business space with our polycarbonate floor dots. Place markers indicating proper physical social distancing in any areas where people may line up or congregate. Make hallways and grocery store aisles one-way walk zones.

Peel off the backing and apply to the prepared surface for a durable and long-lasting solution to mark social distance and create an anti-slip surface.

Made from sturdy polycarbonate, these green floor dots have a strong gritty top layer to create footing in slippery areas indoors and out. Green with photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) chevron directional arrow in the middle.

Each of these photoluminescent polycarbonate social distance marking floor dots is 4” in diameter and comes in a pack of 10. Order multiple packs to create safety and distance markers all over your business. Can be installed indoors and out.

American PERMALIGHT® Business Safety Solutions

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