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Social Distancing Product: Anti-Skid Glow Floor Dots (w/Arrow)

American PERMALIGHT® Business Safety Solutions

Our vinyl anti-skid floor dots come in a pack of 12 and have a self-adhesive backing for easy installation on smooth, indoor floors. Anti-skid surface helps prevent slips on slick surfaces. Arrow helps orient lines and the glow-in-the-dark properties increase visibility during darkness.

Create safe social distance for your employees and customers within your essential public business space with our anti-skid floor dot markers. Place markers indicating proper physical social distancing in any areas where people may line up or congregate. Make hallways and grocery store aisles one-way walk zones.

Made of durable vinyl, these photoluminescent dots are 3.5” in diameter and feature a textured surface to prevent slips. Since they are self-adhesive, installation is quick and easy! Green imprinted arrows help orient the direction of the line.

Photoluminescent technology allows these floor markers to glow-in-the-dark when power is cut off, creating an additional visual cue for safety. Comes in a pack of 12 – order additional sets to mark additional floor space.

Place on the floor indoors to mark each 6-foot indicator of where patrons should stand to maintain their safe social distance from others. Works best on smooth indoor floors.

American PERMALIGHT® Business Safety Solutions

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