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Social Distancing Product: Arrow Floor Markers (200/Roll)

American PERMALIGHT® Business Safety Solutions

Create line direction and mark social distance with these arrow floor stickers ➡️ ➡️ ➡️

This jumbo roll of 200 arrows is perfect for using inside and outside of your business to create traffic direction lines, mark 6-feet of distance, and more! Combine with our solid yellow tape roll to mark solid floor paths and create safety for everyone who enters your facility.

The arrows are more durable than traditional floor marking solutions – they are 7x thicker than other floor tapes, have beveled edges to prevent lifting, and have a strong self-adhesive backing that is durable enough to be repositioned when needed.

Create safe social distance markers and line direction for your employees and customers within your essential public business space with these bright, durable Mighty Line floor tape arrows.

Mighty Line solid yellow 5.5-inch floor marker arrows come in a roll of 200 pieces. These self-adhesive markers work perfectly on smooth floors to indicate directional markings and as custom social distancing markers for lines.

Patented Mighty Line floor tapes and floor markings are made to hold up to the rigors of warehouse activity. In addition to the unsurpassed durability, they are easy to install and leave minimal residue upon removal.

Mighty Line has the Edge on Durability

  • 7 times thicker than average floor tape
  • Patented technology makes it more durable than other floor tapes
  • Beveled edge increases durability for forklift traffic
  • Peel & stick adhesive, removes easily
  • Pull tab makes it easy to remove the liner from the adhesive backing
  • Certified Anti-Static—use in areas with electronic equipment or electronics manufacturing

Mighty Line products are made in the USA

American PERMALIGHT® Business Safety Solutions

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