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Social Distancing Product: Divider Poles

American PERMALIGHT® Business Safety Solutions

Create safety and guidance at coronavirus testing/vaccination centers, storefront entrance lines, and grocery checkout queues.

Form lines or create barriers in open spaces with this red and white plastic chained divider set of six poles.

This set of six is collapsible (poles can be removed from the base for easy storage), and the base can be filled with sand or other material to keep it weighted and sturdy.

The six posts are made of UV-resistant red and white plastic; each pole has two eyelets to connect chain onto.

This set of six poles with chain in-between poles are perfect for use indoors/ outdoors in shopping centers, at grocery stores, and in so many other locations where people are waiting in line with social distancing.

Combined height of poles and bases together are approximately 39.37” tall – poles separately are 34.25” high and the base is 11.81” wide. Each set comes with 6 poles, 6 bases (unfilled to save on shipping charges; simply fill them yourselves with sand or water), 30-feet of plastic chain, 10 connecting, and 10 replacement links.

Create safety and guidance at drive-thru centers, curbside pick-up lines, storefront entrance lines, and grocery checkout queues.

Mark the beginning and end of a line, create a barrier, or simply add visibility to hazards with this sturdy divider. Red and white reflective striped bollard with a sturdy recycled black rubber base.

Resilient to being run over by cars and other types of traffic; bounces upright after being physically struck by itself due to the FlexPin joint in the base.

Place bollard on any flat surface for temporary use. For a more permanent installation, follow the instructions below:

Attach the rubber base to the floor either with screws for long-term, extra-durable mounting, or construction adhesive from your local hardware store that is suited to bond rubber with the floor surface you install to (e.g., concrete, asphalt).

Perfect for use in any situation where high visibility is needed. We recommend for use to mark the beginning and end of lines at drive-thru locations, in front of retail stores, in parking garages, to indicate entrance/no entrance, to guide forklifts, and more.

The divider is made of PE plastic; the base is made of recycled rubber. 39.37” tall and 3.94” wide.

American PERMALIGHT® Business Safety Solutions

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