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Virtual Education Sessions for Business Growth

Virtual Education Sessions for Business Growth

Want to develop new skills to help grow your business? Do you need expert help solving your unique business challenges? American PERMALIGHT® Virtual Education Sessions are the solution. Read on to learn more about what we have to offer through our sessions and how they can benefit you.

What are Virtual Education Sessions from American PERMALIGHT®?

Our Virtual Education Sessions are live, online sessions that you can purchase as needed (or bundled as part of our money-saving Certified Partner Program). Each session is presented to you live by one of our Sales & Project Specialists to you or your entire team. Since the sessions are done online and no travel is required, the scheduling for the sessions you purchase is flexible to meet your needs.

How do they Work and What is Required to Participate?

Virtual Education Session from American PERMALIGHT®

Virtual Education Sessions are held live over Microsoft Teams, which is a free video chatting platform that you can download easily to your device. You will need an internet-connected device with a screen and microphone such as a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet that can run Microsoft Teams.

Our Sales & Project Specialist will be communicating to you through a mic and a webcam in real-time, alongside a presentation that you will be following along with. Since this is happening live, you will be able to ask questions and communicate with the Sales and Project Specialist during your session. We prefer that you have a webcam on during the session so we can communicate more effectively, but you are not required to do so.

Requirements to Participate:

  • Microsoft Teams software (free download)
  • A computer or smart device that can support Microsoft Teams and is internet-connected
  • Microphone to be able to communicate with our Sales & Project Specialist

Not required, but highly recommended:

  • Webcam so you and our Sales & Project Specialist can see each other during your session

Our Virtual Education Sessions

We have an assortment of Virtual Education Sessions available, ranging from our Core Sessions, Advanced Sessions, Recommended Sessions, and Customized Sessions. Learn more below.

Core Sessions

Core Sessions | American PERMALIGHT® Virtual Education Sessions

Depending on the industry you are in, we have Core Sessions related to egress path marking, signmaking, safety products, foam guards and more.

  • Product Training
  • Installation Training
  • Sales Training

Advanced Sessions

Advanced Sessions | American PERMALIGHT® Virtual Education Sessions

A continuation of the Core Sessions above – if additional training is needed in these subjects, contact us about getting Advanced Sessions. We dive deeper into a particular topic you wish more thorough training on.

  • Product Training (Advanced)
  • Installation Training (Advanced)
  • Sales Training (Advanced)

Recommended Sessions

Recommended Sessions | American PERMALIGHT® Virtual Education Sessions

These are designed to teach you skills to take your business to the next level. If you’ve fallen behind your competitors and need some assistance getting caught up, these Recommended Sessions can help you.

  • Social Media Training
  • Ecommerce Training
  • Email Marketing Training
  • Listing Your Business on Maps (Google, Apple & Bing)
  • Time Management and Effective Scheduling
  • Paid Advertising Training
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training
  • Project Management Training

Customized Sessions

Customized Sessions | American PERMALIGHT® Virtual Education Sessions

If you’ve identified a pain point or obstacle in your business that’s preventing your team and organization from accomplishing your goals, consider our Customized Virtual Education Session. Maybe you are working a unique installation project that provides unusual challenges for your installation crew, or maybe you are faced with a new Code requirement or safety enforcement. 

This is how it works: you contact us with your challenge, and our team will work to create a custom solution. This will then be presented to you through your scheduled Customized Virtual Education Session so you can be empowered with a solution to move past your challenge.

Get Started Today

Grow and improve your business with our Virtual Education Sessions. Purchase them a la carte as needed, or contact us about joining the American PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner Program for a money-saving bundle of Virtual Education Sessions

Contact us today to get more information or to get started.

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