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Celebrating 30 Years of American PERMALIGHT®

American PERMALIGHT® | News | Our 30th Anniversary

2018 marks American PERMALIGHT®’s 30th Anniversary as a California incorporation. The codes and standards-acceptance of photoluminescent safety products have come a long way since 1988. In 1994, following the first terrorist bomb attack in the World Trade Center parking garage, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey installed PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent markings inside their emergency staircases. During the 9/11 World Trade Center New York City evacuation, 33% of survivors in WTC Tower I and 17% of survivors in WTC Tower II were aided by the PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent markings on the steps, landings, and handrails

Based on the NIST findings, the New York City Department of Buildings developed a range of high-rise building improvements, enforced by Local Law 26 of 2004, which included MEA-certified photoluminescent exit path markings. In 2005/2006, hundreds of NYC high-rise Office Buildings were equipped with PERMALIGHT® MEA-certified photoluminescent Exit Path Markings.

Since 2009, both NFPA and ICC have added photoluminescent egress path markings to their domestic codes, more stringent than the now superseded MEA certifications. American PERMALIGHT® offers an extensive range of UL1994-listed Photoluminescent Egress Path Markings in compliance with the nationwide State Building Codes and NYC Local Law 141.

American PERMALIGHT® also developed a range of UL924-listed Photoluminescent EXIT Signs.

You can even find PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent safety markings in space. In 2010, in collaboration with the Habitability and Human Factors Branch of the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, PERMALIGHT® Super High-Performance Photo Luminescent (SHPPL) Rigid PVC was rigorously tested by NASA Engineers and successfully passed their flammability test, off-gassing test and luminance test among others. As a result, American PERMALIGHT®, Inc. had its Photoluminescent Markings installed in the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the Emergency Egress Guidance System (EEGS).

The photoluminescent safety products are complemented by foamy, cushioned wall and corner guards in various color combinations that reduce the risk of personal injury and protect sensitive equipment from damage.

American PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent signs and luminous egress path markings have helped people find their way out of darkened environments such as buildings, vehicle tunnels, trains, ships, and mines for 30 years and will do so for many more years to come.

When all the lights are out – American PERMALIGHT®, Inc. 

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