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Mighty Line® Floor Tapes Now Available at American PERMALIGHT®

Mighty Line® Safety Floor Tape Products Now Available at American PERMALIGHT®

Our team here at American PERMALIGHT® is constantly searching for new products that provide tremendous value to you, our customers. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce Mighty Line® safety floor tape products in our online shop! Mighty Line® safety floor tapes and markings are a strong and durable, brightly-colored, easy-to-install alternative to cumbersome paint lines on industrial cement floors.

Mighty Line® safety floor tapes and markings are seven-times thicker than other floor tapes and have beveled edges to prevent lifting. While the tapes and floor markings are designed to stay flat and securely adhered, once there is a need to remove one of these products, it can be done easily and with minimal residue.

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