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American PERMALIGHT® in Sign & Digitial Graphics Magazine – The Guide 2020

American PERMALIGHT® Featured in SDG's 2020 The Guide Issue

American PERMALIGHT® has been featured twice the March 2020 Guide edition of Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine (SDG) for our PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Code-Compliant Stair Nosings as well as a recognized supplier for their 2020 edition of The Guide for the sign-making industry.

Stair Nosing

PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Aluminum Stair Nosings featured in SDG Magazine, March 2020
American PERMALIGHT® on page 80 of March 2020 edition of SDG Magazine

Our PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Aluminum Stair Nosings are the choice of contractors, installers, and architects for creating code-compliant (UL410 floor-suitability tested by Underwriters Laboratories Inc) safety on stair steps. Made of solid aluminum, this stair nosing can be installed indoors and outdoors on stairs, patio deck steps, in commercial buildings, and around the home.

Did you know you can order custom stair nosings from us? Our standard stair nosing comes installed with one strip of black anti-slip, and one strip of anti-slip photoluminescent. If you have a custom size or custom combination of strips (for example, two black anti-slips, or two anti-slip photoluminescent) that you would like for your project, contact us about your needs.

Photoluminescent Substrates

American PERMALIGHT® featured in the March 2020 issue of Sign & Digital Graphics magazine as a recognized supplier
American PERMALIGHT® is a 2020 Recognized Industry Supplier for Sign-Makers

Our photoluminescent substrates are well known in the sign-making industry for good reason; they give off the highest quality glow, are code-compliant for ADA signs, are versatile, and can be used in many different applications. 

American PERMALIGHT® manufactures and sells multiple photoluminescent substrate options:

  • PERMALIGHT® Rigid Photoluminescent PVC Substrates
    • Standard Rigid – Non-Adhesive – Standard Glow
    • UL1994-listed Rigid PVC – Non-Adhesive – 7.5x brighter than standard glow
    • Brighter UL1994-listed Rigid PVC – Non-Adhesive – 12.5x brighter than standard glow
    • APTA Rigid PVC (UL1994-listed) – Non-Adhesive – 22.5x brighter than standard glow
    • Top-of-the-Line Rigid PVC – Non-Adhesive – 30x brighter than standard glow
  • PERMALIGHT® Rigid Photoluminescent Aluminum
    • UL1994-listed Aluminum – Non-Adhesive (MEA, NYC LL 26 compliant)
  • PERMALIGHT® Flexible Photoluminescent Polyester Thin Film
    • Polyester Thin Film 2.75x brighter than standard glow – Self-Adhesive
    • UL1994-listed Polyester Thin Fim 7.5x brighter than standard glow – Self-Adhesive
  • PERMALIGHT® Flexible Photoluminescent Vinyl
    • HPPL High-Performance Vinyl – Self-Adhesive – 12.5 brighter than standard glow
    • SHPPL Super High-Performance Vinyl – Non-Adhesive – 22.5x brighter than standard glow

Learn more about PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Substrates here.

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Have questions about our photoluminescent substrates? Contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-737-6254 for a free consultation on your project needs. Place your order online quickly and easily directly with us – American PERMALIGHT® ships orders every weekday. We sell directly to professionals and the general public!

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