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Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine Feature | June 2019

American PERMALIGHT® featured in the June 2019 iIssue of Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine

American PERMALIGHT® is featured in the June 2019 issue of Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine for our PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Program.

Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine (also known as SDG) is a professional trade magazine for those in the sign-making and digital graphics industries. The PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Program aligns with the sign-making trade because sign makers are already familiar with the high-quality and durability of PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent substrates for their sign making needs. Our program provides additional education for sign makers (and others in similar trades) in our photoluminescent egress path marking products, and how to install them. 

This knowledge is invaluable because it adds another service that a tradesperson can bid on to grow their business. For sign makers, this allows them to bid on floor identification sign jobs as well as profitable photoluminescent egress path marking installation jobs. 

How does the PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Program work?

When a tradesman qualifies for the PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Program, they will take a live, one-on-one online training course with one of our PERMALIGHT® code experts. 

The expert will teach them:

  • which PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent egress path marking products to use, where, and why
  • how to prep surfaces and install the products
  • how to start bidding on photoluminescent egress path marking projects

Upon completion of the course, the certified tradesperson, contractor, or related company will become qualified to purchase PERMALIGHT® egress path marking products at a professional trade discount (also known as PERMALIGHT® Preferred Pricing).

PERMALIGHT® Certified Installers receive ongoing product education, project support, and access to both budgetary and fee-based* professional takeoff services for accurate project bids.

Interested? Contact us to become a PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer today and start growing your business with American PERMALIGHT®!

*The cost for our fee-based takeoffs can be credited toward your order placed directly through us for PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent egress path marking products for that project.

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