Corner Protection Safety Foam Guard, Type A, Black / Yellow, Self-Adhesive (39 3/8 in)


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Safety Foam Guard – Product Summary

  • Type A
  • Corner Protection (90-Degree Angle)
  • Black / Yellow Stripes
  • Self-Adhesive
  • 39-3/8” Length

American PERMALIGHT® Safety Foam Guards helps prevent injuries of your employees and prevent damage to your machines and objects. Use this corner protection foam guard as a buffer zone to absorb hard impacts and reduce accidents.

Made of dense yellow polyurethane foam with an alerting black/yellow striped glossy, wipeable surface. Inner self-adhesive lining attaches securely to clean, prepped 90-degree corner surfaces.

“Type A” American PERMALIGHT® Safety Foam Guards can be used in warehouses, offices, around the home, and anywhere else where visibility and protection is needed on a sharp, 90-degree corner or edge.

Safety foam guards have often been referred to as safety foam bumpers, foam padding, safety padding, and other similar terms.

Product Specifications

Weight 0.8125 lbs
Dimensions 39.375 × 1.5625 × 1.5625 in
Product Name

American PERMALIGHT® Safety Foam Guard, Corner Protection, Type A, 39 3/8” Length, Self-Adhesive




Black / Yellow


Yellow Polyurethane Foam

Product Dimensions

39.375" x 1.5625" x 1.5625"

Application Surfaces

• Sharp metal corners and edges, such as metal filing cabinets, and machinery
• Walls
• Projections

Installation Instructions

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