PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Anti-Slip Aluminum Stair Nosing (68 in)

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PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Anti-Slip Aluminum Stair Nosing (with an anodized silver color) is a lightweight yet heavy-duty and durable 90-degree aluminum stair nosing. Our stair nosings have been trusted and chosen by professional installers for their reliability and code-compliance for photoluminescent egress path marking projects for years. Photoluminescence and floor suitability tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Each stair nosing contains two full-length strips:

  • One PERMALIGHT® aluminum anti-slip photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) strip (.75 inch width, full-length)
  • One anti-slip black, extra gritty strip (.75 inch width, full-length)

Building Code Compliances:

  • UL1994-listed
  • UL410-listed for Floor Suitability
  • Code-compliant as Leading Edge of Landing Marking
  • Code-compliant as Step Edge Marking

Easy Installation:

  • Simple surface preparation, generous application of construction adhesive, and overnight cure/drying time are all that’s needed. Full installation details are outlined in our instructions here.
  • Have questions? Contact American PERMALIGHT® here.

Please note: Construction adhesive (sold separately) is required for the proper installation of this product. Please review the installation instructions here.

This stair nosing is available in a variety of lengths, and custom lengths as needed!

Product Specifications

Weight 1.416666667 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 2.625 × 1.125 in
Model No.


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