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Become a PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner

Become a PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner

Want to grow your business? Consider becoming an American PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner. Our partner programs are designed to give you the skills to expand your business. Whether you want to become an installer for the egress path marking niche, resell American PERMALIGHT® safety products, make and sell ADA-compliant and creative signs with PERMALIGHT® printable photoluminescent substrates, we have paths for these options and more. 

What exactly does it mean to become a PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner?

The PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner Program is a subscription-based annual membership that comes with a plethora of bundled benefits including PERMALIGHT® Preferred Pricing, educational courses, online marketing, takeoff services, samples, and more. These benefits vary depending on the industry path and tier of service you choose.

After you’ve subscribed to our service and have completed the core educational sessions for your path, you will then become an official PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner. This unlocks your official certification, your marketing materials, and your listing in our public partner directory.

You will have PERMALIGHT® Preferred Pricing on products and materials purchased/resold (depending on your path) through the duration of your partnership subscription, as well as discounts on other additional services you would like to purchase outside of what’s included in your tier.

Why should I become a PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner?

It’s simple. Through the program, you will learn skills that will help you grow your business, bringing in additional revenue options and work for your employees. For example, in the Certified Installer path, you will learn these valuable, business-building skills after your educational sessions:

  1. Product Training – Learn all about the PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking System – what the products are, the differentiation between the products, and which ones work best in which applications.
  2. Installation Training – Learn how to properly prepare surfaces and apply the photoluminescent egress path markings for a long-lasting install. Most importantly, you will learn how to apply the egress path markings to follow the building code rules so that your installation job will pass inspection. This is a crucial step for building your reputation as an installer.
  3. Sales Training – Opportunities for photoluminescent egress path marking jobs are everywhere, even in your own city. Learn how to seek out these opportunities, sell your services confidently, follow up, and ultimately win job bids.

As you can see, our educational sessions lay down the foundation for becoming a successful installer. Once you are certified from taking all three courses, you are ready to officially start taking installation jobs. The additional benefits bundled in your tier of service serve to enhance your new business path.

Additionally, once you become a PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner, you will become directly aligned with American PERMALIGHT® – an industry leader in the Life Safety specialty. Through mutual marketing efforts, we both benefit from additional exposure and visibility.

Why work with American PERMALIGHT®?

We are industry leaders in the photoluminescent life safety field – American PERMALIGHT® has been around since 1988 and has even helped develop the modern building code for photoluminescent egress path markings.

The PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking System has been trusted for decades – PERMALIGHT® products can be found installed in high-rises and federal buildings across the United States, both the original World Trade Center and the new One World Trade, and even on the International Space Station. PERMALIGHT® products are trusted by installers, architects, and beyond due to their performance, integrity, and longevity of use.

PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking System products are made to building-code compliance and to UL-listed specifications for luminous life safety requirements in the United States.

American PERMALIGHT® team members are experts in building-code compliance for photoluminescent egress path markings. Part of your benefit of working with us as a PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner is access to our experts for your building-code compliance questions.

Whether you’re wanting to install our products for lucrative egress path marking (also known as “exit path marking”) jobs, resell our niche industry-acclaimed products to your own customers, or want access to our PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent printable substrates to make custom signage, American PERMALIGHT® can help you do that through our Certified Partner Program.

The Future of the PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner Programs

Our PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner Programs are constantly evolving and our team is always creating additional features and benefits that provide even greater value to our partners.

The PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner Programs for Installers, Resellers, and Signmakers are currently live and thriving with industry professionals in these respective fields.

If you are a General Contractor, Architect, Specifier, Art/Creative/Novelty Professional, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and/or an Electrical Wholesale Distributor, reach out to us about the program that will be launching soon for your specific industry. Each industry will have its own unique set of educational training and associated benefits to enrich your specific industry path.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’re ready to jump in or if you simply have more questions about the paths and tiers, contact us today or head over here to learn more about our available programs. Fill out the form on the bottom of the page and we will get back to you on the program you’re interested in.

We look forward to putting you on the path to grow your business and skills with the PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner Program.

If you have questions now, feel free to send us an inquiry at our contact form here.

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