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Accountability Attracts Success

From the General Manager's Desk: Accountability Attracts Success

The latest From the General Manager’s Desk article is entitled: Accountability Attracts Success. I would like to start off by stating that the word accountability carries widely different meanings to different people. In this article, the term accountability has nothing to do with creating a strict set of rules associated with a punitive approach, the attempt to catch someone doing something wrong, or the attempt to control the actions of another person.

Accountability is often associated with being the most important element in powering individuals and companies to be successful. Each day I serve multiple industries that conduct business within our specialty life safety market and every day I uncover more reasons on why accountability attracts success.

Definition of Accountability

: the quality of being accountable

especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions

Why is Accountability Important in Business?

Accountability is necessary, attainable, but often difficult to achieve. The importance of accountability can’t be understated as it is critical to stand by your decisions, actions, projects, and the integrity of your work.

Most professionals have a fear of accountability. Why? Because they are afraid of failing to meet expectations and fearful of being held responsible for poor decisions and mistakes.

Accountability can help professionals and organizations focus on performing the tasks, objectives, and time to effectively reach the desired outcome. Accountability is an obligation and responsibility for professionals and organizations becoming committed to achieving the goal and owning up to actions. In layman’s terms, accountability is simply fulfilling commitments that professionals and businesses have made.

The professionals and organizations who master accountability will almost always achieve better performance, results, and outcomes through clear expectations and a supportive approach that doesn’t create stress and fear.

What Are the Benefits of Accountability?

• Improves Performance

Promotes ownership on projects, goals, and tasks

Establishes trust

Enables competency

Inspires confidence

Lessens conflicts

Increases participation and involvement

Allows progress to be measured

Unlocks more creativity and innovation

Validates strategies, plans, thoughts, and ideas

Why is Accountability Significant in Partnerships?

Research verifies that when professionals know they are being held accountable by others for their actions, they will work harder. It is also proven that when professionals publicly share their goals, they have a greater chance of success. Having a specific accountability partner dramatically increases the likelihood of successfully reaching your goals.

A partnership is an arrangement that is mutually beneficial for both partners. Having a partner that is willing to hold you accountable will help keep you and your business focused on the commitments that were made. This in turn will continually progress professionals and organizations down the path of success.

How Does American PERMALIGHT® Help Its Partners with Accountability?

Here at American PERMALIGHT®, our team of subject matter experts empowers our PERMALIGHT® Certified Partners to take responsibility for their individual and team tasks, projects, and commitments. Our act of accountability is a built-in feature of our all-encompassing PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner Programs and provides additional value that helps our partners address the accountability struggle that prevents an organization from reaching its full potential. Simply put, we are in the process with you every step of the way.

Your time in reading this article is appreciated. Reach out when you are ready to discuss how our cutting-edge Professional Offerings and Services can help your organization establish a distinctive competitive advantage while helping hold your team accountable to achieving success.

Marina Batzke
American PERMALIGHT® General Manager

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