Author: Marina Batzke

Building Safety Month 2022
GeneralSafety Preparedness
May 2, 2022 by

It’s Building Safety Month, brought to us by the International Code Council. This month-long safety campaign is a reminder that building codes are constantly being updated to accommodate modern advances, and helps individuals learn what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures.

Reflective Safety
General Safety
April 18, 2022 by

Our reflective red/silver safety foam guards are the next level of safety for generally dark areas that catch oncoming lights from car headlights, flashlights, and more.

Anti-Skid Floor Dots to Prevent Slips
General Safety
April 13, 2022 by

Our anti-skid floor dots are made of tough polycarbonate and designed to withstand heavy foot traffic while providing a textured surface to prevent slips or skids.

How to Order PERMALIGHT® Custom Floor ID Signs
Code-Compliant Safety
April 4, 2022 by

American PERMALIGHT® can make custom photoluminescent Floor ID signs for your project needs – learn more about this custom signmaking service in this post.

Soften the Impact with Protective Corner Guards
General Safety
March 28, 2022 by

Made with dense polyurethane foam in a slim profile, our variety of small protective corner guards provide an unobtrusive way to prevent damage to walls from sharp furniture corners.

PERMALIGHT® Edge Sealing Acrylic Lacquer
Code-Compliant Safety
March 21, 2022 by

Our popular edge sealing acrylic lacquer is a required part of our floor-mounted egress path marking installation steps. Once a PERMALIGHT® Floor/Step mounted strip or tape is properly adhered to its intended surface, the final step is applying PERMALIGHT® Edge Sealing Acrylic Lacquer to the edges.

Mark your Egress Path Obstacles with PERMALIGHT®
Code-Compliant Safety
March 16, 2022 by

We have multiple solutions for obstacles in our egress path marking system. Obstacles are, as the name suggests, obstructions that project a certain amount into the egress path.

Mark Your Dead-End Doors with PERMALIGHT® No Exit Sign
Code-Compliant Safety
March 8, 2022 by

According to NFPA 101 and OSHA standards, doors in the egress path that could be mistaken for an exit door must be marked with a “NO EXIT” sign. This prevents confusion during an emergency when people may be opening dead-end doors in a panic to get to safety.

PERMALIGHT® in Space on the International Space Station
March 3, 2022 by

PERMALIGHT® is on the International Space Station as part of the Emergency Egress Guidance System – learn more about it in this blog post.

Line your Warehouse Floors with Mighty Line
General Safety
February 23, 2022 by

Mighty Line floor tapes are the superior choice for marking warehouse floors – and they’re available here at American PERMALIGHT®.