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Project Season is Upon Us

From the General Manager's Desk - Project Season is Upon Us

As we enter the summer 2020 project season, remember American PERMALIGHT® is here to help. 

Our PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent products provide high-quality glow-in-the-dark life safety solutions. Our full line of PERMALIGHT® egress path marking products can be viewed and purchased directly from our website here: 

Many terms are used to describe our egress path marking system, here are just a few: 

  • Exit Path Markings
  • Low Location Lighting
  • Safety Way Guidance System
  • Floor Proximity Lighting
  • Other terms your organization may call it…

Our PERMALIGHT® solutions are designed to guide and protect you when all other lights fail.

Summer is associated with fun in the sun because of the warm weather and longer daylight hours. But to us, summer means storm season is in full effect. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, flooding, other natural disasters, or simply when it is dark, our non-electrical and non-radioactive emergency lighting is there for you.

Tips to Prepare for the Project Season 

Use search term ‘photoluminescent’ or ‘luminous’ in all specification documents you review to locate the specifics for photoluminescent markings.

  • Research the State and local Building Code requirements in your project area
  • Reach out to our experts to determine the ideal photoluminescent markings that address your project’s building and budget needs
  • Let us do the takeoffs for you to determine which items/quantities are needed
  • Understand all photoluminescent safety products are NOT created equal…learn the difference in quality
  • Attend installer training to guarantee Code compliance and long-lasting performance of our photoluminescent products
  • Read the thorough and detailed installation instructions before installing our photoluminescent products

Facts about our PERMALIGHT® Brand 

  • Established in 1988
  • Used on earth and in space
  • UL1994 photoluminescent listed and UL410 floor-suitability tested
  • On the shelf for fast turn-around time
  • Strong support throughout your project

If you need help with Egress Path Marking Takeoff services, reach out to us today. Our free and fee-based takeoff services will help you save time and money on your photoluminescent projects.

View and purchase our other life safety products here:

I wish you all in the Northern Hemisphere a fun, safe – and healthy summer season.

Marina Batzke
General Manager