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Diversify Your Trade Portfolio

From the General Manager's Desk: Diversify Your Trade Portfolio - Become a PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Partner

Did you know that there is currently a demand to have photoluminescent egress path markings professionally installed in high-rise buildings? If you’re interested in growing your business, start bidding on these lucrative jobs by becoming a PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Partner. Our certified installer program is completely free – our experts provide you with the necessary training and provide project support.

Photoluminescent egress path marking installation is the perfect add-on service for companies and contractors in industries such as fire stopping, painting, drywalling, sign making, caulking, flooring, and other similar trades. Becoming an installer partner not only gives you the ability to bid and install these projects, but it also opens up a special rate for purchasing the project materials directly through us.

We support our PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Partners throughout the entire process of takeoffs, project bidding, and project material selection and installation.

American PERMALIGHT® is recognized as the leading photoluminescent safety product manufacturer, and our marking is written into Div. 05 and Div. 10 projects. We have over 31 years of experience and are passionate about guiding and protecting people to safety by providing quality egress path markings and professional installation work through our network of PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Partners.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should join the PERMALIGHT® Certified Installer Program today:

  • Training and education directly from American PERMALIGHT®
  • Specialty pricing on PERMALIGHT® products
  • Expand your business network through referrals
  • Support for your quote creation
  • Assistance in performing project takeoffs
  • Expand your service offering and grow your business
  • Cutting edge product training and technical sales support
  • It’s completely free!

To learn how to become a PERMALIGHT® Installer Partner click here for more information, or send us a message on our contact form.