Month: June 2021

Become a PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner
Professional Offerings and Services
June 11, 2021 by

Want to grow your business? Consider becoming an American PERMALIGHT® Certified Partner. Our partner programs are designed to give you the skills to expand your business. Whether you want to become an installer for the egress path marking niche, resell American PERMALIGHT® safety products, make and sell ADA-compliant and creative signs with PERMALIGHT® printable photoluminescent […]

Add a Pressure Roller to your Toolkit
June 9, 2021 by

Some things are better under pressure. The creation of diamonds. Certain cheeses. David Bowie? Most of the products in the PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking System also work better under (a) pressure (roller).

Find Doors Safely
June 7, 2021 by

Create safety at home and work with PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Aluminum Door Handle Backing panels. These 4”x4” glow-in-the-dark self-adhesive aluminum panels are designed to be installed easily directly behind door handles to make them easier to find in the darkness after exposure to light.

Peel & Stick Floor Markers to Create Lines
June 3, 2021 by

These durable, repositionable floor markers are made in the USA and are overwhelmingly preferred for beautifully and cleanly marking floors. Thicker than a traditional floor sticker product, the surface is washable and durable, with a strong adhesive backing. Perfect for marking waiting areas, lines, distance, and more. Stay safer and create order in chaos with […]

Create Safety & Visibility with Safety Bollards
June 2, 2021 by

Our striped reflective bollards are brightly colored and easy to see indoors and outdoors – they can stand on their own for a temporary solution, or mounted for a more permanent solution.