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Celebrating the 34th Anniversary of American PERMALIGHT®
April 8, 2022 by

March 8, 2022, officially marks the 34th anniversary of American PERMALIGHT®. Incorporated in California in 1988, American PERMALIGHT® has a history that pre-dates this event. Read on to learn more about the history of American PERMALIGHT® in honor of this anniversary.

The History of Photoluminescence
November 10, 2021 by

The phenomena of photoluminescence (or “glow-in-the-dark”) have been documented since the early 17th century and have since evolved into a source of reliable lighting and egress path markings in the modern-day Life Safety industry as well as other uses you’ve seen in day-to-day life. Learn more about the history of photoluminescence here.

PERMALIGHT® Project Spotlight | Federal Buildings
November 4, 2021 by

The PERMALIGHT® Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking System is installed in buildings all across the United States of America, including some key federal buildings. Learn more about these special projects and requirements here.

Have a Safe & Fun Halloween 2021
October 29, 2021 by

It’s our second Halloween during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – how have things changed this year over last? Read more to find out what has been recommended by the CDC to have a safer Halloween this year.

2021 International Shakeout Day
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October 21, 2021 by

International ShakeOut Day is observed on the third Thursday every October. This is the day to practice earthquake safety drills so that you are prepared when the ground starts shaking. Read more about how you can join in the Great Shakeout 2021.

2021 National Preparedness Month
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September 15, 2021 by

At American PERMALIGHT®, we believe in the importance of safety and preparedness – after all, it’s what we’re all about! The President has declared this year’s National Preparedness Months theme as “Prepare to Protect.”

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day
September 1, 2021 by

September 1st is Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day. Learn a short history of building codes through the ages, and share in our appreciation of the work put in by building and code professionals in this article.

What is Retro-Reflection?
EducationGeneral Safety
August 25, 2021 by

Do you know what retro-reflection is and how it’s used to create additional safety? Learn more in this post!

OSHA's Safe + Sound Week 2021
GeneralNewsSafety Preparedness
August 9, 2021 by

The week of August 9-13 is the official OSHA Safe + Sound Week in 2021. This week is a nationwide event to recognize the adoption of programs to improve workplace safety and health. Learn more about improving workplace safety for your organization in this article.

American PERMALIGHT® - Official Press Release
Press Releases
August 6, 2021 by

[Torrance, CA, Release: August 6, 2021] American PERMALIGHT® Inc. is pleased to announce its recent hire of Maria Xavier, who officially joined the organization in June 2021. Click this article to see the full official press release.